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"Finally a chevron paper pack with ALL the best colors! Thank you SO much!! :)" Emily

"These are so lovely. So beautifully done. I am so glad to have found your shop, your art adds so much to my fun to my creations! I also received the coral paper pack and it is so much more than I expected. Loving it too. Thanks." Jessa
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Title: New Year's Ball Digital Escape Room Game Pricing:
Description: We are pleased to announce a New Year's Eve Escape Room game, full of secret plots, bad guys, betrayal, and the Time's square New Year's Eve ball. Here's what one of our tester's said about this game: "We LOVED the escape game. It was just the right combination of difficult and simple." - Faralee. This game is best for anyone who can read, about 8+. The difficulty level on this game is harder than the Santa's Sleigh, putting it at medium. The challenge will take about 30 minutes for most groups. If you are avid escape room enthusiasts, this game will probably take you much less time. Hints are included if you need them. This game works great for LARGE GROUPS. Simply divide into teams and have a packet ready for each team (2-6 players per each). < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- > This version of the game is Digital. No physical items will be sent. That means that someone will have to print and put together some pieces and will ultimately know how the game goes. If you're looking for a version where everyone can be surprised, check out this shipped version: < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- > ***This game can also be printed and given away as gifts. Gifts? What?!?! Yes, you read correctly. For only $15, you can print this game as many times as you like, assemble and give them away as gifts. Why on earth would we allow such a thing? Simple. Advertising. Our website address is included on a few pieces and we're confident your gift receivers will love the game so much, they'll be looking us up and ordering more. We only ask that you do not sell or share the files, or sale the finished game. After purchasing, print off the detailed, photo instructions before printing anything else. Supplies you will need: • Scissors • Glue (I recommend using a glue tape device or a glue stick). • 3 4x6” envelopes per team. • 1 6x9” manila envelope per team. • Printer & Paper (if printing yourself). Otherwise print professionally. (This game requires printing on both front and back or you’ll have to cut out pieces and glue them to the back of other pieces). If you want the games to last longer, print on cardstock. • Timers (you can use the timers on a phone) The amount that you'll be printing per game is 4 front and back pages and 2 other pages. The assembly takes about twenty minutes. This unique game would make an excellent gift for gaming friends or those individuals/families that have everything. This game doesn't need to be played just at New Year's. It is applicable any time. The game is designed to be reusable (once you forget), or feel free to share with friends and family. The next game in the works: A zodiac inspired Chinese New Year game. Look for it in January. We have a game coming in February too, but hush. It's still a secret :) Personal Use: $15.00 
Commercial Use: $1500.00 
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