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"Finally a chevron paper pack with ALL the best colors! Thank you SO much!! :)" Emily

"I am so incredibly happy with this package! Not only is this a quality digital paper but each one is unique. Also, they were sent to me so quickly! I didn’t even have time to go back to check my email before the download was sent to me. So pleased, definitely will be a return customer." Megan
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Title: Chinese Calendar Escape Room Game Pricing:
Description: Our third game is called Chinese Calendar, and it is much harder than our previous games. Our other games have been great for families and large groups, but this game is difficult. So far, it hasn't been defeated without the use of hints. This game is best suited for teens and up. The content is appropriate for all ages, but the difficulty level is too high for younger children. The challenge will take about 60 minutes for most groups. This game works great for LARGE GROUPS too. Simply divide into teams and have a set of photos ready for each team (2-6 players each). < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- > This game is a Digital file and is super EASY to put together (like 2 minute easy once the photos are printed). <> The best part is the person putting the game together won't know anything ahead of time by assembling because....drum roll please...we've put all the clues ONLINE. Yes, you will need INTERNET access for this game. It can be done easily from a smart phone, tablet, or computer. < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- > After purchasing, print off the instruction sheet (1 page PDF) and send the photos to a photo printer. They need to be 4x6" size. (The photos are zipped into 2 folders and are all ready to be sent to the printer.) Supplies you will need: • 4 envelopes - 4x6" or larger • A writing utensil – pen, crayon, lipstick, whatever. The amount that you'll be printing is the single instruction page (8.5x11) and 31 photos (it costs about $5 at Costco or Walmart +tax) The assembly takes about two minutes. All artwork/photographs have been created by designer, Dedra Tregaskis. The pictures in this set were taken in Taiwan. All items in this set are Copyright by Prettiful Designs, 2018. Any selling or distributing of files or printed copies is prohibited. We have another game coming in February/March, but hush. It's still a secret :) Personal Use: $15.00 
Commercial Use: $1500.00 
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